Maintaining its history of innovation, Mobile Aspects has delivered a solution that is the first of its kind. By combining the powerful features of RFID technology with software and hardware automation systems, iRIScope provides a comprehensive endoscope tracking solution to automate the processes for the storage, utilization, and reprocessing of flexible endoscopes.

As reusable medical equipment, its imperative that care providers create standardized, easily monitored processes to support the cleaning and disinfection of flexible endoscopes. By automating these processes, care providers can implement and monitor compliance with reprocessing protocols. When processes are compromised to create potential risks to patient care quality, clinical staff and supervisors are quickly alerted through automated communication mechanisms delivered to a variety of devices including Blackberry® and iPhone® devices

As extremely high cost instruments, the system enables a detailed tool to track endoscope location, status, and utilization, and avoid issues such as theft or misplacement. In addition, the system supports tracking and recording of repair or replacement history.

To see this pioneering solution, please view iRIScope product demonstration videos.

For more detailed product information, please review a product flyer and product specification literature.