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Our Value

We Increase Surgical Suite Safety and Revenue

Mobile Aspects technology and services provide a high value solution to top hospitals already in the forefront of clinical practice and patient outcomes. The benefits come from multiple points of innovation and excellence created by our leadership and collaboration with healthcare professionals across the industry who are leading the change from a volume to value agenda. Make no mistake, once Mobile Aspects solutions are integrated into your clinical operations and workflow, you will see major documentable improvements. The areas where we contribute include patient safety, regulatory compliance, security, quality, increased staff time to spend with patients, cost-savings and revenue cycle. Our sales team will be happy to discuss the benefits that seem most applicable to your needs. Just call us, send an email to or fill in the form on the last page of our website for a prompt response from us.

When we talk, we can also share with you wonderful customer success stories. Through our ongoing collaboration with our hospitals, we share information and ideas that help you better understand your own data. Who are your most costly patients? Are you effectively managing charge capture? Who are the highest cost doctors for a stent procedure? What devices do you overstock that end up expiring? We can give you concrete, recent examples from our Customers Quarterly Business Reviews that show, for example, how one department reduced par levels by 46% saving over $500,000 in a nine month period. Another customer, a top ten in cardiology academic medical center, proudly maintains that outside audits have never once revealed an expired item in the department another customer recently received high marks from the Joint Commission for their tissue management. There are many other positive engagements we look forward to sharing with you in a sales consultation.

Completely automating surgical suites is our vision and how we constantly drive up value. By helping you to transition from an inefficient manual documentation system to one that is transparent, fast, timely and accurate we help you achieve greater savings in time, costs, and resources while also enabling better care for your patients. Mobile Aspects provides multiple benefits and provides your managers and C-suite executives with real time powerful decision making tools. Contact us today to set up a customized review of your concerns and a prescription for ways we can work together to achieve greater value for your organization.