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iRISecure – Blood Tracking

Get the right blood to the right patient every time

iRISecure – Blood Tracking is a powerful, simple-to-use RFID tracking solution for blood inventory that automates the documentation surrounding the storage and use of blood. The system helps to improve patient safety and inventory management of blood products, and ensures the safe and timely delivery of blood transfusions to patients.

The costs to a healthcare institution can be severe whenever the wrong blood type is delivered to a patient. iRISecure – Blood Tracking performs periodic safety checks along a blood bag’s chain of custody to ensure that the right blood reaches the right patient every time. The system also includes a comprehensive inventory management system to make sure that the proper blood types are always kept in stock and replenished as needed.

iRISecure – Blood Tracking Benefits


With iRISecure – Blood Tracking, you can increase patient safety by ensuring that the right blood is given to the right patient every time. The software includes the following features that improve patient safety:

  • Real-time alerts are sent by iRISecure – Blood Tracking to ensure that mismatches between patients and blood types do not occur
  • Built-in RFID technology reduces mis-labeling issues by eliminating poorly inputted data from manual data entry
  • Re-issue data tracking to make sure blood stays within guidelines when removed and returned from storage


iRISecure – Blood Tracking provides a real-time view of blood inventory to all areas of the hospital. Having a fully visible and accurate inventory helps improve the management of blood and decreases waste. The software includes the following features that improve inventory control:

  • A complete inventory management system that lets you know when it’s time to re-order blood products
  • Advanced analytics that help to prevent stock-outs by adjusting inventory levels according to actual usage history
  • Web-based platform that allows you to locate required blood in an instant
  • Real-time, automated expiration reports that allow you to monitor the expiration of blood and components


Using RFID technology, iRISecure – Blood Tracking simplifies the record-keeping of blood in accordance with AABB and FDA regulations. Without any barcode scans or keyboard entry, iRISecure – Blood Tracking can:

  • Meet traceability requirements by capturing all item-level blood details and associating blood to the correct patient
  • Connect with other hospital information systems to record the dispensation of blood on the patient’s medical record
  • Reduce employee documentation requirements while increasing patient safety by enforcing a standard workflow


The data captured by iRISecure – Blood Tracking allows the system to generate reports and analytics that will allow your blood management process to continuously improve by increasing visibility across the enterprise. Some examples of the insights the built-in analytics can provide include:

  • Measuring frequently used blood products and providing recommendations on changing stock levels based on actual usage data
  • Tracking the average time it takes for blood to go from one checkpoint to another using the timestamp data automatically collected by the system
  • Holding employees accountable by tracking which employees are following the standard workflows and which aren’t


iRISecure – Blood Tracking integrates directly with your hospital’s EMR, laboratory information system and other hospital information systems (HIS). This allows for the real-time, effortless documentation of blood without manual entry. Mobile Aspects will customize its interfaces to match your hospital’s systems and all data will sit behind your hospital’s firewall to ensure its security.

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