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iRISecure – Specimen

Ensure specimens are efficiently delivered for testing every time

iRISecure – Specimen is a powerful, simple-to-use RFID tracking solution for fluid and anatomical specimens that helps to improve patient care by preventing the loss of samples and ensuring the timely delivery of lab results.

iRISecure – Specimen can help accelerate the time it takes to test a specimen and return results for each and every sample. By removing many of the manual steps involved in tracking specimens and increasing communications between disparate groups, the tracking system speeds up the time to turnaround lab results.

The costs to a healthcare institution can be severe whenever a specimen is lost or misplaced. iRISecure – Specimen can improve finances and increase efficiencies by eliminating the need for repeat procedures, bolstering patient satisfaction and speeding the time to deliver lab results to providers and patients.


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iRISecure – Specimen Benefits


iRISecure – Specimen provides significant ROI to hospitals by improving the coordination and workflow of transporting specimens throughout your hospital or health system. A meaningful ROI is achieved through:

  • Increase in efficiency of the specimen labeling and transport workflow, leading to improved turnaround times and higher throughput
  • Reduction in the loss of specimen samples, resulting in reduced re-draws and patient callbacks
  • Minimizing time spent locating lost specimens using robust alerts and reporting


With iRISecure – Specimen, you can increase patient safety by reducing the time spent collecting samples and generating lab results. These precious seconds and minutes can be used to help physicians make critical decisions in life-saving situations.

Whenever specimens are misplaced or lost, the effects on a patient can be devastating. Ordering patients to come in for a replacement draw not only delays lab results, but can also add to a patient’s discomfort from multiple biopsies or needle sticks.

Real-time alerts are sent by iRISecure – Specimen when individual samples surpass limits to get from one checkpoint to another, allowing supervisors to act immediately to track down missing specimens rather than waiting until it is too late.

iRISecure – Specimen also reduces mis-labeled specimens and increases the accuracy of documentation. The use of RFID technology eliminates any poorly inputted data from manual data entry. This increased accuracy allows your hospital to deliver the right results to the right patient every time.


Workflows within iRISecure – Specimen allow for seamless, real-time communications between all parties involved in the collection and testing of specimens.  An automatic alert lets runners know pathology samples are ready for pick up and transport to the lab. Once in pathology, runners check in the specimen, which updates the database with the new location. With this check-in/check-out data automatically captured by the RFID technology, the location and last user for any specimen can be determined in real-time, allowing for instant traceability.

Various alerts and notifications can be configured to send in real-time based on checkpoints that are customized to the layout of each facility. Alerts can be sent via email, text, pager or smart badge.


Imagine a day without button-clicks, drop-down menus, barcodes and stickers. How much time and frustration would this save you while documenting the chain of custody of a specimen?  iRISecure – Specimen accomplishes this by using RFID technology to create hands-free data capture.  iRISecure – Specimen also allows you to go paperless and makes sure that data is more accurate and timely, leading to real ROI for your hospital.

Without any barcode scans or keyboard entry, iRISecure – Specimen can:

  • Capture all specimen-level detail using an RFID tag
  • Seamlessly send notifications and alerts to team members and administrators
  • Track specimens as they reach key check points within the hospital or health system


The data captured by iRISecure – Specimen allows the system to generate reports and analytics that will allow your specimen management process to continuously improve. Some examples of the insights the built-in analytics can provide include:

  • Tracking the average time it takes for specimens to go from one checkpoint to another using the timestamp data automatically collected by the system
  • Comparing employee performance to see which employees have quicker or slower delivery times than others
  • Holding employees accountable by setting time-bound targets and tracking which employees are meeting the standards

Additional built-in alerts allow administrators to track down misplaced specimens before they go permanently missing. Some examples of the alerts that are generated by the system’s artificial intelligence include:

  • Instant electronic alerts whenever specimens are ready for pick-up for transport
  • Alerts that are generated if a specimen is late in being delivered to its next checkpoint, for instance a 30 minute limit on items being delivered to pathology
  • Real-time alerts that the pathology lab has started or completed its analysis


iRISecure – Specimen integrates directly with your hospital’s EMR, laboratory software system and other hospital information systems (HIS).  This allows for the real-time, effortless documentation of your specimens without manual entry.  Mobile Aspects will customize its interfaces to match your hospital’s systems and all data will sit behind your hospital’s firewall to ensure its security.

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