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iRISupply Cabinets Draft

The Leading RFID-Enabled Cabinets for Surgical Supplies and Implants

1: LED Illumination
Lights built in for visibility in dimly lit areas and during surgery.

2: Door Touch Panel
With the swipe of a badge, gain access to the cabinet to remove and return assets.

3: Flexible Shelves
Easily adjustable shelves for varying sizes of assets.

4: Built in Chargers
For electronic assets, charge your electronics to full capacity while they’re securely stored.

5: More Space
Ability to adjust number of shelves and their location to optimize the storage space
for the assets being stored.

6: 3D RFID Antenna
Patented, one-of-a-kind technology that keeps track of your assets in real-time

7: Transparent Design
Locate the assets you need without
opening the door.

8:More Speed
Faster processor computing speed with improved performance.

Key Benefits


  • No button pressing or manual data entry – simply scan your ID badge, scan the patient bar-code, take your supplies and go! 
  • Built-in, best-in-class RFID technology for supply tracking automatically calculates what you’ve taken and for which patient, simplifying your processes for billing, re-ordering and EMR documentation. 
  • Capture lot number, serial number and expiration date without typing any item details – just grab and go and our supply management system will do the rest. 


  • Access to supplies restricted to only the users that you designate – down to the cabinet-level. 
  • Easy access to supplies by permitted staff members – our RFID inventory management cabinets use the ID badges you already have today. 
  • Built-in RFID technology detects additions or removals of inventory without any human input. 
  • Requires staff to remove supplies and implants against patients so that you know who is taking the supply and where they are taking it. 


  • Transparent design allows users to locate required supplies without opening doors. 
  • In-cabinet lights allow users to find the supplies they need even in dim lighting. 
  • Need to find an item in a hurry? Use our hospital inventory cabinets or software to look up any item and find its location in real-time – even in another building or campus! 


  • No slots or pre-configured areas to store your medical supplies– RFID technology allows you to store your inventory the way you want it and make any changes on the fly. 
  • Without pre-configured storage slots, you can maximize the number of items stored in each hospital supply cabinet and reduce your overall storage footprint. 
  • Adjustable shelving allows you to store inventory of any size in iRISupply inventory management cabinets and make adjustments as your inventory changes.