SurgiCart ​

A one-of-a-kind mobile inventory solution. 

Our Partnership  

World Class Academic Medical Center  

Mobile Aspects partnered with a world renowned academic medical center in the northeast – ranked #1 in annual funding from the National Institutes of Health – to revolutionize health care through an unparalleled RFID tracking software. Through its implementation of SurgiCart, the hospital system has made great strides in improving operations and efficiency across its dynamic departments. 

With our combined vision and dedication, Mobile Aspects aims to reshape health care, improve patient outcomes and streamline processes. Click below to learn more about the success of this partnership.  

Solving your health system’s biggest challenges  

  • Hospitals today are adapting to a rapidly changing, dynamic health care environment that necessitates an elevated level of flexibility and innovation.  
  • They need modern tools to navigate supply tracking and inventory for each procedure and department.  
  • To enhance collaboration, automation and efficiency, many health systems are exploring ways to consolidate their departments’ essential supplies and data. 
  • Mobile Aspects’ SurgiCart was designed specifically to fulfill this need.  

Key features and benefits  

SurgiCart features data collection and automation in addition to all the benefits of our standard RFID systems and presents them in a multidisciplinary procedural solution that caters to the complex operations of health systems. Its benefits include:  

  • Fully mobile inventory tracking that offers ease of use across procedural service areas  
  • Allows users to wirelessly send implant and supply usage to patient Electronic Health Records (EHRs) 
  • Efficient design enabling users to move the cabinets with minimal effort, even when fully stocked  
  • Engineered as a versatile case cart for different types of procedural cases  
  • Designed to work seamlessly alongside Mobile Aspects’ full suite of products and solutions

Have questions about our SurgiCart and its dynamic uses? Reach out to a member of our team today! 

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