iRISupply is an inventory management  software solution that uses radio frequency identification (RFID) to support the storage and management of high cost items used in cardiac and vascular catheterization labs, interventional radiology suites, and other surgical specialty areas.

By using RFID technology as an alternative to paper documentation, stickers, barcode scanning, or button pushing, iRISupply offers a ‘Hands Free’ approach to managing inventory.

The solution enables an increased level of automation and accuracy by removing the burdensome tasks completed by clinical staff in these busy, often hectic clinical areas where time is of the greatest importance.

Benefits of iRISupply

Common benefits realized from the technology:

  • Improved Charge Capture Accuracy
  • Eliminated Product Expiration Costs
  • Reduced Time Spent Managing Inventory
  • Optimized On-Hand Inventory Levels
  • Improved Product Recall Management

Real Value from iRISupply

The following are actual benefits clients have
experienced in using the solution:

  • 30% increase in charge capture accuracy ($5,600/case) at a pediatric hospital
  • $250,000 reduction in annual costs associated with product expiration at a community hospital
  • $230,000 reduction in on-hand inventory at an academic medical center
  • Increased accuracy and efficiency in responding to a product recall at a pediatric hospital

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How does iRISupply work?

Each iRISupply cabinet unit is approximately three feet wide by six feet tall with all items stored within the cabinet having a small, RFID tag affixed to the package. To unlock and open the units, staff members log in with their employee badge or other authentication mechanism and use a touch screen monitor to select a patient from the list displayed.

Once the patient is selected, the cabinet doors unlock and staff simply acquire the items for the procedure. Upon closing the doors and logging out, the cabinet doors lock and all items removed for the patient are automatically identified. It’s a quick and efficient ‘grab and go’ approach that provides a highly accurate process to document item use.

Features and Functions

Hardware Design:

  • Secure, controlled storage units accessible only by authorized users
  • A touch screen console to provide quick and easy end user interaction
  • Adjustable shelving to accommodate a variety of packaging sizes and shapes
  • Re-configurable cabinets to adapt to changes in inventory mix
  • Dynamic item location storage and shelving organization as all items are located through RFID
  • Lighting inside the cabinets to enhance visibility to all items within storage

Software Design:

  • Easy-to-learn, intuitive workflows that speed end user adoption and proficiency
  • Item-level product tracking, including lot number, serial number, and expiration date
  • Automated product expiration notifications and alerts delivered through e-mail
  • Real-time access to product inventory quantities and locations, including comparison to Par levels
  • Product query and identification tools to support incidents of product recall
  • Ability to interface with external systems to communicate patient charges and inventory replenishment

Seamless Integration

  • Can customize to your hospital’s own system
  • HL7 integration engine.
  • Some selected systems we’ve previously worked with:
  • Cerner Millennium
  • Cerner SurgiNet
  • Eclipsys
  • EPIC
  • Hill-Rom NaviCare
  • Lawson
  • McKesson PMMS
  • McKesson STAR
  • Oracle / PeopleSoft
  • Siemens INVISION Financials
  • Siemens AXIOM Sensis
  • Siemens Soarian
  • Sun Microsystems eGate

All data sits behind hospital’s own firewall

Case Study

Hospital Improves Revenue by 20%

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) compiled a non-sponsored, independent research study about the Mobile Aspects iRISupply surgical documentation and revenue cycle improvement solutions within the interventional radiology (IR) department at MGH. The entire article can be found in the Journal of American College of Radiology (JACR).

Below are some of their findings.

MGH’S Research Showed:

  • Increase in revenue by 20%
  • System delivered 4x ROI in rst month of use

“When compared to the current barcode system,over a 10 month implementation period, charge capture increased by 20 percent, or $60,000 per month.This exceptional increase contributed to an ROI that covered at least 4x the cost of monthly operating and rent expenses of Mobile Aspects solution”.

-JACR MGH Article

System Increases Revenue by $750,000 Per Year

System delivered 400% ROI starting from DAY ONE

Key Financial Indicators:

  • $2.1M increase in charge capture
  • $750,000 increase in cash collection
  • System delivered 4x ROI in first month of use
  • Increase achieved by conversion from well-known bar code-based system.