Meet Some Of Our Thought Leaders

Our executive team is hyper-focused on one thing: delivering value to hospitals by bringing unique RFID-enabled software solutions to market that increase operational efficiency and patient safety. The executive team and founders have over 100 years of combined experience delivering on this promise and look forward to many more.

Suneil Mandava

President and Chief Executive Officer

Suneil Mandava is our founder and CEO. Exposed to the potential for improving inefficient and time-consuming processes within the healthcare industry early in his career, Suneil founded Mobile Aspects to address these issues through radio frequency identification technology (RFID) data capture and tracking. Now, Mobile Aspects collects and analyzes this information to create innovative clinical and financial improvements that help healthcare providers improve patient safety and deliver more efficient patient care. Suneil is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University with a degree in Biomedical Engineering.

Timur Sriharto

Chief Technology Officer

Timur has led the design and development of Mobile Aspects products and services since the beginning of the company. He has extensive knowledge and experience in RFID technology, system design, development and integration and real-time systems communications. He also understands how to integrate hardware with business application software which has enabled development of our industry-leading hardware and software products. Timur received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manchester, England, and completed his M.S. in Advanced Mechanical Engineering from the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine in London.

Khang Le

Vice President, Engineering

Khang leads manufacturing and design for Mobile Aspects where he initiated our first solution for inventory management. He has extensive radiology and general hospital experience and is keenly aware of the requirements for clinical operations and surgical suite efficiency. Khang holds a degree in Biomedical Engineering with a Material Science concentration from Johns Hopkins University.

Sridhar Mandava

Chief Financial Officer

Prior to joining Mobile Aspects, Sridhar was the Manager of Finance at mimeo.com, a B2B internet company, where he reported to the CEO and CFO and was responsible for financial reporting and corporate analytics. He also worked for UBS Investment Bank in the Global Technology Group in New York and London, and at Fletcher Spaght, a Boston-based strategy consulting firm for VC-backed technology companies. Sridhar hold a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and a B.S. degree in Economics from the Wharton School.

Balaji Rengaswamy

Vice President of Software Delivery

Balaji leads our team responsible for global software development and delivery. He is a graduate of IIT.