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Our innovative endoscope management software is Joint Commission reviewed, results in improved patient safety, regulatory compliance and even comes in regular and XL to accommodate those long scopes. Our data/analytics document your workflow and seamlessly interface with your billing and EHR systems.

Increase Surgical Suite Safety and Revenue!

We have really “Smart” inventory software with secure storage, workflow and tracking. This enhances patient safety and makes things easier for your surgical staff. An extra benefit comes from the tremendous cost-savings and revenue cycle enhancement our customers experience!

Got Tissue?

Our tissue management software tracks receipt, storage and utilization and supports patient safety and full Joint Commission compliance.The data/analytics and reporting features ensure you have an accurate picture of tissue use for FDA, OIG, CMS and other regulatory and billing requirements.

Our Customers

Mobile Aspects works with top-level, quality healthcare providers including large academic medical centers and medium-sized and smaller independent, community facilities which include:

Our Story

A Pittsburgh-based Global Healthcare Innovations Company

Mobile Aspects is a 15-year-old healthcare technology, data and analytics company that began with the idea of providing hospitals with ways to create more value and enhance their revenue cycle. Clearly, we were ahead of the time! Now that healthcare performance has evolved from a volume-based system to a “value agenda” our approach to helping hospitals achieve the best in patient safety, regulatory compliance and cost-savings is one of the most timely and beneficial solutions you can provide for your organization. Many of the hospitals routinely ranked among the best in the nation must agree since they use our systems. At least 50% of our new sales each year come from existing customers so they must see real results. We focus on making a difference in just a few high impact areas –cardiology, cath labs, electrophysiology, orthopedics, interventional radiology, endoscopy and perioperative services. Our focus, our innovations and the results we can provide truly make us The Heartbeat of the Surgery Suite.

Our Culture

We are Healers, Collaborators and Innovators

Just like the healthcare healers we serve, we have a culture of care that positions us as “healers” of some of the ills that plague healthcare systems. To do this we have to be experts in understanding the business and revenue cycle issues you face as you move from a volume to value organization. Our systems are designed to provide you with valuable data and insights into your clinical operations that can result in a positive impact on your bottom line. Our culture of care also means we believe in collaboration and the highest level of support for our customers. We want you to succeed. That is our mission. Our care means you have a dedicated team of professionals who work with you, often on site, and train you to get the most from our solutions, and provide customization and interoperability to suit your every need. Collaborating and working closely with you to address your needs is also part of our mission because it sparks ideas for innovations and new solutions. We are, at the core, an innovations company.

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