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What you can expect with Mobile Aspects innovative solutions

  • Joint Commission Reviewed Endoscope Management
  • Tissue Management
  • Patient and Device Tracking integrated into your EMR system
  • Enhanced Patient Safety
  • Better Regulatory Compliance
  • Great Data that Proves Great Cost-Savings and Revenue Cycle Enhancement

Why we are the “heartbeat of your surgery suite.”

Our process begins with extremely “intelligent” cabinets (not your average roll top cabinets!) equipped with remarkable software solutions that usually reside in your surgical suites. These devices collect and process lots of data about your patients, procedures, codes, devices, products, serial numbers, expiration dates and  other information that help you with billing, charge capture, patient safety and regulatory issues.

The information is collected through RFID and barcode readers, translated into relevant data for your EMR/EHR and other systems including materials management, and run through our proprietary software to produce real time information and analysis. Our software currently works with EPIC and Cerner solutions, and we can easily provide seamless integration with any system you choose as long as it has an HL7 interface engine. We also provide the highest level of security and all data sits behind the hospital’s own firewall. We are completely HIPAA compliant.

You get valuable insights for your revenue cycle, regulatory compliance, patient safety and an automated, complete patient medical record without having to wait for staff documentation or your IT department or business consultant to produce the information and results that are so crucial. Mobile Aspects provides a complete, accurate, up-to-date picture and record for your patients and for your business analysis and revenue management—the heartbeat of your surgical suites.

We also take this information, analyze it for you and present the results at our Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) which we diligently perform every quarter. Our customers usually love our QBRs because we can prove how well they are doing using our solutions and receiving great value! Our QBRs also show you how quickly you recoup the initial expense of our Mobile Aspects services.