iRISupply RE Software

Track your high value assets effortlessly

iRISupply RE allows healthcare providers to securely store and manage assets. The system uses a combination of RFID-enabled cabinets and software to track the chain of custody of reusable equipment as they are used throughout the health system. Hospitals have used iRISupply RE to track various high value, high turnover assets such as: iRISupply RE’s smart cabinets keep assets locked down, requiring a hospital-issued badge to gain entry. Whenever users unlock the system, the cabinets automatically detect how many assets were taken and how many were returned. The system can then send real-time alerts to keep users accountable for any assets they may have misplaced. Administrators can also access automated reports to keep track of which users may need additional training based on their usage habits. iRISupply RE also enables continuous improvement by allowing hospitals to analyze their asset usage trends to understand when they should increase or decrease their inventory levels.

iRISupply RE Benefits



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With iRISupply RE in place, we were able to eliminate $60,000 in annual waste in replacement batteries for our Vocera units

Radiology Manager of Academic Medical Center in Massachusetts
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With iRISupply RE in place, we were able to eliminate $60,000 in annual waste in replacement batteries for our Vocera units

Radiology Manager of Academic Medical Center in Massachusetts
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iRISupply RE allows you to lock your valuable assets inside RFID-enabled smart cabinets. Only hospital employees who have been granted access to the cabinets will be allowed to unlock the doors to access the inventory of assets, making iRISupply RE an ideal system for tracking highly valued assets within a hospital. Employees with access to the cabinets simply scan their hospital-issued badge to unlock the doors, grab what they need and go. The system’s RFID technology automatically detects what was removed or returned by the user and records the transaction electronically. The smart cabinets come with customizable power outlets to enable the recharging of electronic assets stored within the system. You can make sure that your assets are re-charged for the next use while ensuring their security and availability.


With iRISupply RE, you can improve employee compliance with established protocols and make sure your team is capturing where each asset is going. The simple act of having employees badge in before removing assets has shown dramatic effects on user compliance with protocols.

The system’s built-in reporting system allows administrators to view logs of who is following protocols and who is not. iRISupply RE also sends out real-time alerts that can go to administrators or the users themselves. With these alerts, you can send out instant reminders that can encourage users to follow the correct procedures. You can also point out any inappropriate transactions so users can take action immediately, rather than be reminded in the distant future.


Eliminate any manual logs that you use and move to a fully electronic system that allows you to trace any asset to the last user. iRISupply RE accomplishes this by using RFID technology to enable automated data capture. iRISupply RE also makes sure the data is more accurate and timely, leading to real ROI for your hospital through the reduction of lost or misplaced assets.

Without any mouse clicks or keyboard entry, iRISupply RE can capture all item-level asset tracking, including lot number, serial number, and expiration date. This allows a variety of assets to be tracked and managed by iRISupply RE to solve a variety of asset-related problems that a hospital may be facing.


Hospitals continue to be overrun with the same asset management challenges that they have faced for decades. Does your department face any of these challenges?
  • Hiding assets in desks or drawers
  • Other departments “borrowing” your assets with no traceability
  • Frequently running out of assets that you do need for your department
  • Breaking budgets buying new assets because your old ones keep disappearing
If so, iRISupply RE’s RFID technology is the ideal solution.  Our technology allows you to automatically trace assets to users so you can break your cycle of losing assets.


Do you spend too much time trying to make sure you have the assets you need on the shelf when you need them?  Do you wish you could spend more of your time on patient care instead of administrative tasks? iRISupply RE reduces the time spent on manual processes by up to 30%.

With iRISupply RE, you can:

  • Reduce the time spent tracking down missing assets using built in reports
  • Search for an asset you need and locate it in real-time across your hospital or IDN
  • Eliminate manual logs and sign-in sheets
  • Provide real-time alerts that identify inappropriate actions as they happen