Tissue Management

Our collaboration partner was one of the nation’s leading pediatric hospitals that was having issues meeting the Joint Commission requirements around tissue management. Having experienced great success with our supply tracking system, they naturally approached Mobile Aspects to help them extend their system’s functionality to cover tissue tracking. We worked closely with our customer to deliver what would become our iRISecure tissue tracking system within 12 months.

iRIScope XL

One of our customers, a leading academic medical center, was asked by the Joint Commission to find a solution to a storage issue with their enteroscopes. These extra-long scopes needed to be hung in an “s-curve” in order to fit the entire scope in a standard scope cabinet without touching the floor. The bending of the scope to fit in the cabinet was not a recommended practice. We collaborated closely with our customer to deliver an extra-tall version of our standard iRIScope cabinet with an elevator mechanism for easy access to the high hooks. The entire solution, which allowed the enteroscopes to be hung vertically without bending, was delivered from prototype to commercial version within 6 months.

Channel Drying System

With the seemingly endless series of news reports about infections related to inadequate cleaning and drying of flexible endoscopes, hospitals are working harder than ever to ensure that proper guidelines are put in place to minimize the spread of bacterial contamination in their endoscopes. Mobile Aspects has taken extensive feedback from existing customers and incorporated a channel drying system for its iRIScope cabinets to eliminate any moisture that may remain in channels prior to the next use.

Temperature Tracking And Monitoring

Multiple customers with tissue and scope tracking solutions from Mobile Aspects inquired about a fully-integrated temperature tracking system to document that their inventory is being stored at the proper temperature. We released a hardware and software solution that continuously monitors and documents temperature readings for the selected environment and alerts designated users when the temperature goes out of the optimal range.

Data Analytics

All Mobile Aspects systems generate valuable data that can be turned into actionable insights. In addition to helping hospitals automate many of the manual processes that they have in place today, we also provide rich data analytics with all of our solutions. These analytics allow customers to use data to refine their operations to support a culture of continuous improvement. We collaborate closely with our customers to develop additional insights that add real value and release these new analyses across our customer base.