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iRIScope Resources

Featured Case Studies

  • Oregon Health & Science University uses iRIScope from Mobile Aspects to automate the documentation of reprocessing and storage practices to meet Joint Commission requirements and improve patient safety.
    Oregon Health & Science University Implements Endoscope Tracking Software As An Investment In Patient Safety
  • This major academic center has implemented iRIScope to help improve the processes around flexible endoscope storage and documentation.
    Major Academic Medical Center Adopts iRIScope To Increase Scope Security And Accountability

Featured Whitepapers

  • Having an electronic audit trail can bring regulatory compliance, patient safety and operational efficiency to your endoscopy practice.
    How To Create An All-Electronic Audit Trail For Your Scopes
  • Using RFID technology, you can now literally have your scopes alert you when they need to be re-washed.
    How To Make Your Scopes Tell You When They Need To Be Washed
  • With numerous employees all having access to all the scopes in your facility, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of all of your scopes with 100% accuracy. So what can a manager of a perioperative or GI area do in this situation?
    How To Make Your Scopes Tell You When They’re Missing
  • Hang-time limits for flexible endoscopes have been a hot topic for the last several years. With no consensus emerging in hang-time limits, hospitals are left to make this decision on their own.
    How To Set And Track Hang-Time Limits For Flexible Endoscopes
  • Do you ever wonder if your staff are following the proper storage and handling procedures for scopes in your hospital? Find out how you can stop wondering and get a better handle on the scopes in your hospital.
    How To Stop Dirty Scopes From Being Stored With Your Clean Scopes
  • AERs should not be the entire documentation system. They leave too many holes in your data and don’t provide information about the entire lifecycle of the scope.
    Why Your Automated Endoscope Reprocessor Is Not A Documentation System