Mobile Aspects’ RFID Solution Transforms Inventory Management at a Major Academic Medical Center

Efficient inventory management in healthcare is pivotal, affecting everything from logistics and cost control to patient care quality. Mobile Aspects’ partnership with a leading academic medical center showcases how RFID technology can address these challenges head-on, optimizing perioperative services with innovative inventory solutions.

Challenges in Healthcare Inventory Management

The center, known for conducting over 25,000 surgical procedures annually, faced significant challenges managing the inventory of high-cost medical devices, such as heart valves and annuloplasty rings. These challenges included capital tie-ups, increased operational costs, and potential delays in patient care due to stockouts.

Mobile Aspects’ iRISupply: A Revolutionary RFID System

To address these issues, Mobile Aspects introduced the iRISupply system, which utilizes RFID technology to revolutionize inventory management:

  • Enhanced Security and Controlled Access: The system’s closed-cabinet design and individual login requirements ensure that only authorized personnel can access sensitive medical inventory.
  • Real-Time Inventory Tracking: With RFID tags on each item, the iRISupply system provides continuous monitoring of stock levels and usage patterns, crucial for maintaining optimal inventory without overstocking or understocking.
  • Data-Driven Inventory Optimization: The system’s built-in analytics help healthcare providers adjust inventory in real-time based on actual usage data, leading to more efficient operations and reduced waste.

Key Outcomes and Benefits

Implementing the iRISupply system led to significant improvements:

  • Reduced Inventory Costs: The center saved $230,000 in inventory costs in the first year alone by using data to optimize stock levels.
  • Improved Surgical Efficiency: By preventing stockouts, the system helped ensure that surgeries proceeded without delays, enhancing overall patient care.
  • Increased Accountability and Security: The RFID technology reduced the risks of inventory loss, theft, and misuse, increasing overall security and accountability within the healthcare setting.

Expanding Success Across Departments

Encouraged by the success in the Cardiothoracic Surgery department, the center plans to expand RFID technology to additional areas, including Neurological and General Surgery, aiming to standardize inventory management practices throughout the institution.


The implementation of Mobile Aspects’ iRISupply system at the academic medical center illustrates the powerful impact of RFID technology in healthcare. By streamlining inventory management processes, Mobile Aspects not only improved operational efficiencies but also enhanced patient care, demonstrating the potential of technology to transform healthcare operations.

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