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iRISupply Resources

Featured Case Studies

  • Massachusetts General Hospital has successfully deployed iRISupply and is experiencing revenue gains of over $1 million annually.
    Massachusetts General Hospital Increases Revenue by $1 Million Annually
  • Using iRISupply, this academic medical center was able to reduce inventory levels by $230,000, saw recurring cost reductions and improved security and accountability.
    Decreased Inventory Costs in Perioperative Services
  • After experiencing nearly a decade of success in the Cath Labs and EP Labs, the hospital turned their attention to their ORs which have been distracted by supply and implant management issues.
    Leading Heart Hospital Expands Use Of Supply Automation System From Mobile Aspects To Increase Efficiencies
  • After implementing iRISupply within the cardiac cath and EP labs, this hospital started to achieve their desired results for improved device and supply utilization.
    Reduced Expiration Costs and Increasing Efficiencies with iRISupply

Featured Whitepapers

  • With the average hospital generating 48% of its revenue from surgery, what can the procedural areas like the ORs, Cath Labs or Interventional Radiology do to ensure that their hospital is getting paid what they deserve?
    Are You Maximizing Your Revenue Per Procedure
  • We look at the pros and cons of implementing 4 common point-of-use systems to help you evaluate various options to upgrade your hospital’s surgery supply chain.
    Comparing Supply Tracking Technologies
  • Did you know that consigning the wrong products can be costing your hospital millions of dollars annually? Find out how to return these dollars back to your hospital.
    How A Periodic Evaluation Of Your Consigned Inventory Can Save Your Hospital Millions
  • When is the last time you examined your department's PAR levels? Making sure your PAR levels are set appropriately and kept up-to-date could save your hospital millions.
    How A Periodic Update Of Your PAR Levels Can Save Your Hospital Millions
  • Many hospitals have a mix of consigned and owned products in their inventory, but don't have a strategy to manage which items to consign and which to own.
    How To Create A Consignment Strategy
  • Nearly every industry has turned to automation to drive financial and operational improvements in their supply chain - how can hospitals play catch-up?
    How to Use Data to Get Lean With Supplies And Increase Patient Safety
  • Most hospital employees have witnessed or heard of a patient safety issue from poor inventory controls, but this doesn't have to be the case.
    How Your Medical Devices Can Tell You When They’re About To Expire
  • Start leveraging your electronic medical record investment with 5 simple steps.
    Leverage Your Electronic Medical Record Investment – You Only Spent Billions
  • Looking for a way to improve inventory management efficiency in your hospital? Start with this metric and set goals to generate real savings for your hospital.
    The Key Inventory Management Metric For Hospitals To Track