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iRIScope Software

Flexible Endoscope Tracking Software For Improved Efficiency and Regulatory Compliance

Improve the Efficiency of your Endoscopy Operations While Meeting Joint Commission, State Department of Health and other Regulatory Requirements

iRIScope is an endoscope tracking software system that automates the documentation and tracking of your endoscopes using RFID technology. iRIScope captures two main segments of the endoscope usage lifecycle: 

    • From the moment an endoscope procedure is completed, a complex series of tasks and handoffs takes place to reprocess a single scope. iRIScope captures every component of reprocessing and disinfection to ensure that high quality standards are met each time. 
    • At clean storage, endoscopes have to be securely stored according to regulatory requirements. But who is taking your scopes…and where? iRIScope’s endoscope management software automates the tracking of scopes to users and patients so that you always know where your scopes are in real-time. 

iRIScope Benefits

  • "The information that we had between the documentation of the patient selection as well as the documentation of our automated reprocessor – that the scope went in and came out, that the solution had been tested before that previous washing – all of those things helped the Joint Commission surveyor feel like we really did have under control the ability to link each and every scope that’s used in the patient  to its storage and processing and assure that we had documentation that it had gone through processing before it was used on that patient.” – Carolyn Grous, Director of Perioperative Services, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
  • "With all of the complexity that is inherent to the endoscope reprocessing cycle, using a sophisticated tool like iRIScope will help us keep up with the ever-changing procedures and protocols and to ensure our scopes are being reprocessed properly every single time so that we can keep our patients safe. The bottom line is that it’s an investment in patient safety." – Lisa Newman, Nurse Manager of Endoscopy, Oregon Health & Science University
  • “Mobile Aspects’ iRIScope cabinets and software have enabled us to upgrade our infection prevention standards and transform our inventory management. It has equipped us with the technology we need to standardize benchmarks for scope optimization and help each facility reach these benchmarks. We are looking forward to incorporating this technology throughout our network.” - Dr. Adam Slivka, MD, PhD, Medical Director of Health System GI Service Line, UPMC


  • Demonstrate best practice during your next regulatory visit from Joint Commission, DNV, Department of Health, OIG and others.  With inspectors looking ever more closely at scopes, make sure your hospital is meeting the highest standards. 
  • Are you prepared for Joint Commission? Let our experts review your processes with you. Request a demo. 
  • iRIScope’s built-in tracer logs help you provide the right documentation to surveyors in real-time: 
    • Scope to patient log 
    • Reprocessor to scope log 
    • Patient to physician log
  •  Staff can access Instructions for Use for each endoscope, granting access to the manufacturer recommended cleaning instructions on demand. 


  • Built in AI prevents cross-contamination and reduces risk for proliferation or transmission of infectious diseases through alerts when potentially dirty scopes are returned to clean scope storage cabinets.
  • Alerts administrators when key cleaning steps are missed during reprocessing. 
  • Hang-time alerts help you meet your internal and accreditation standards for rewashing unused scopes. 
  • Alert staff when key deadlines are missed, such as the time to get from bedside to decontamination, so they can follow proper remediation protocols.
  • iRIScope uses AI to recommend the appropriate scopes for a user to remove based on the procedure type, reducing the potential for user error.


  • Get your scope-related processes standardized across your hospital or multiple campuses with one system of record. iRIScope’s configurable workflow editor allows you to customize your reprocessing workflows down to the scope level. 
  • Standardize your scope-related processes and ensure your staff follows them with alerts if steps are missed along the way: 
    • Bedside cleaning 
    • Leak test 
    • Decontamination room check-in 
    • Solution testing 
    • All cleaning steps at the reprocessor 
  • iRIScope’s endoscope tracking software alerts administrators when key cleaning steps are missed during reprocessing 
  • Hang-time alerts help you meet your internal and accreditation standards for rewashing unused scopes.
  • Customizable guided workflows allow department administrators to set reprocessing steps that must be followed in the correct order during reprocessing.


  • Get rid of your paper log books and printed tickets. The iRIScope endoscope tracking system enables electronic documentation of all your scope-related processes and take advantage of powerful data analytics. 
  • Improve visibility of endoscope data across the health system with our enterprise-wide reports and analytics. 
  • Auditing agencies are very concerned about scope usage records. Surveyors are looking for an electronic, real-time report on scope usage, which patients were treated, and the dates of service. Are you prepared? 

  • Reports Available: 
    • Scope Location 
    • Damaged Scope Detailed Report 
    • Procedure to Scope Usage 
    • Management Alerts & Alarms 
    • User Compliance Log Scope Utilization Report 
    • And Many Others 


  • With iRIScope’s scope management software, you’ll enjoy increased operational efficiencies in your endoscopy practice: 
    • iRIScope has been proven to reduce scope turnaround times by 16%, reduce wasted and expired scope washes by 76%, and identify 15% of scopes for removal.
    • Reports within iRIScope highlight inefficiencies in the endoscope usage lifecycle so that efforts can be made to eliminate bottlenecks. 
    • Locate all your scopes in real-time so you have the scopes you need when you need them.
    • Increase utilization of less-used scopes through utilization reports. 
      • Scope mix analysis reports help you determine which scopes you need to order and which scopes you don’t need. 
    • When removing a scope from inventory, real-time alerts tell users if a scope of the same model is closer to its hang-time expiration, decreasing the amount of resources used for wasted or repeat reprocessing cycles.
  • iRIScope will also send out real-time operational alerts to make sure that you have a second pair of eyes on your scopes day and night: 
    • Hang-time alerts help you meet your internal and regulatory standards for rewashing unused scopes. 
    • Find your scopes before they go permanently missing through proactive alerts. 
    • Transferred scope tracking allows you to see which scopes have been borrowed by other departments or hospitals, and how long they have been out of your possession. 
      • Alerts are sent to requested personnel when scopes are missing for longer than the user-defined period. 
    • Loaner scope tracking allows you to know how long your damaged scopes have been out for repair, and how long your loaner scopes have been in use. 


  • iRIScope endoscope tracking software can send scope serial number data into the electronic medical record, or receive it from your EMR system. 
  • Patient data is received directly from your hospital’s information systems to ensure an accurate set of supply usage and billing data. 
  • HL7 integration engine. 
  • All data sits behind your hospital’s own firewall. 
  • Some selected systems we’ve previously worked with: 
    • Allscripts 
    • Cerner 
    • EPIC 
    • Meditech