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iRISecure Software

Get Ready for The Joint Commission

Meet Joint Commission, OIG, State Dept. of Health and other Regulatory Agency Requirements with our state of the art software system.

iRISecure is a tissue and implant tracking solution designed to enable hospitals to meet the ever-changing regulatory requirements from the Joint Commission, OIG, State Departments of Health and other regulatory agencies. The system will pay for itself with the inventory management efficiencies gained from implementing iRISecure.

iRISecure Benefits

  • "Our recent Joint Commission visit went about as well as we could have expected. Our surveyor even told us that we had an excellent system in place with our iRISecure tissue tracking system.” – Tissue Coordinator of Community Hospital in Georgia
  • "Knowing that we have all the documentation ready for Joint Commission – and that it’s all electronic – makes us feel confident that we’ll make a good showing when the surveyors drop in” – Tissue Coordinator of Children’s Hospital in Massachusetts
  • "With iRISecure, we can trace the tagged tissue, when it was stocked, when it was checked in and out of inventory, to whom it was checked out to, and track the person removing tissue from the cabinets.” – Sandy Rickelmann, Supply Chain Analyst, University of Michigan Hospitals  


As an area that is heavily regulated by The Joint Commission, the FDA and State Departments of Health, the processes used for the receipt, storage, and utilization of tissue products need to comply with requirements from these oversight bodies. Using advanced work­flow automation and dispensing technologies, iRISecure Tissue Tracking delivers a solution that aligns with your compliance goals while remaining simple and user-friendly for nurses and other clinical staff.

iRISecure helps you get ready for your regulatory audits through:

  • The provision of electronic compliance logs designed for regulatory agency inspections, including Joint Commission
  • The storage and tracking of all hospital tissue: ambient, refrigerated and frozen
  • The control and monitoring of access to high cost inventory items such as tissue, bone and related products


While tissue inventories may make up a small percent of the overall operating room inventory, they still can suffer from the same overstock and underutilization issues seen in the surgical suites. This allows iRISecure to return a positive ROI to hospitals and contribute the additional patient safety and regulatory benefits built into the system.

The following are actual benefits clients have experienced by implementing our systems:


With iRISecure, you can improve your clinical documentation and make sure your team is capturing all the tissues and implants used in each procedure.  iRISecure has been proven to show an 18% improvement over a bar-code based capture system in a hospital setting.  Even greater improvements can be expected over the manual systems that many hospitals still use.

Capturing all the items used in each case ensures that your hospital is receiving all the revenue it is owed for its work.  With insurers scrutinizing and potentially penalizing any over-billings and under-billings, you must be sure to include only legitimate items in each patient bill.  iRISecure RFID technology is a great way to automate your charge capture processes and ensure that your data is accurate and defensible.


Imagine a day without button-clicks, drop-down menus, bar-codes and stickers. How much time and frustration would this save you while documenting items used in a case?  iRISecure accomplishes this by using RFID technology to create hands-free data capture and integrating directly with your EMR.  iRISecure also makes sure the data is more accurate and timely, leading to real ROI for your hospital.

Without any mouse clicks or keyboard entry, iRISecure can:


Hospitals continue to be overrun with the same inventory management challenges that they have faced for decades. iRISecure can automate your inventory control practices and reduce the time you spend on administrative tasks. Our technology allows you to realize the following operational efficiencies and financial benefits:


iRISecure integrates directly with your hospital’s EMR, materials management, billing and other information systems.  This allows for the real-time, effortless documentation of your item usage without manual entry.  Mobile Aspects will customize its interfaces to match your hospital’s systems and all data will sit behind your hospital’s firewall to ensure its security.

Some selected systems we’ve previously worked with:

  • Cerner Millennium
  • Cerner SurgiNet
  • Eclipsys
  • EPIC
  • Hill-Rom NaviCare
  • Infor / Lawson
  • McKesson PMMS
  • McKesson STAR
  • Meditech
  • Oracle / PeopleSoft
  • Siemens/Cerner INVISION Financials
  • Siemens/Cerner AXIOM Sensis
  • Siemens/Cerner Soarian
  • Sun Microsystems eGate