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iRISupply Software

Supply and Implant Tracking Software and RFID Cabinets For Hospitals

iRISupply is a simple-to-use software tool that automates the process to capture implant and supply usage into your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and materials management software systems. For clinicians, the system provides rich and actionable analytics to help drive efficiencies in your surgical and interventional suites.

iRISupply creates truly needle-moving improvements in charge capture and revenue to your EMR using RFID technology.  iRISupply is proven to increase charge capture by 18% over a bar-code based system. Business intelligence from the data derived from iRISupply can help predict usage patterns for your medical devices and lower spend by as much as 20%.

iRISupply Benefits

  • "When compared to the current barcode system, over a 10 month implementation period, charge capture increased by 20 percent, or $60,000 per month. This exceptional increase contributed to an ROI that covered at least 4x the cost of monthly operating and rent expenses of Mobile Aspects solution”. – Interventional Radiology Team, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • "If you have service lines that stock out of key supplies and you are manually controlling inventory with high cost overruns, this is a great system to help you solve your challenges" – Service Line Director of a Heart Hospital in Texas
  • "I love how the data automatically flows to Epic. This really reduces a lot of error in capture, and makes the lives of our clinicians way easier." – Cath Lab Manager of Academic Medical Center in Massachusetts


The following are actual benefits clients have experienced using iRISupply:

Customer Success Story: Massachusetts General Hospital Improves Revenue by 20%

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), a leading academic medical center in Boston, MA, published a non-sponsored, independent research study about Mobile Aspects iRISupply surgical documentation and revenue cycle improvement solutions within the interventional radiology (IR) department at MGH. The entire article can be found in the Journal of American College of Radiology (JACR).


Key Financial Indicators:

  • $2.1M increase in charge capture
  • $750,000 (20%) increase in cash collection
  • System delivered 4x ROI in first month of use
  • 30% reduction in non-value added time spent by staff on manual inventory processes
  • Increase achieved by conversion from well-known bar code-based system


With iRISupply, you can improve your clinical documentation and make sure your team is capturing all the devices used in each procedure.  iRISupply has been proven to show an 18% improvement over a bar-code based capture system in a hospital setting.  Even greater improvements can be expected over the manual systems that many hospitals still use.

Capturing all the items used in each case ensures that your hospital is receiving all the revenue it is owed for its work.  With insurers scrutinizing and potentially penalizing any over-billings and under-billings, you must be sure to include only legitimate items in each patient bill.  iRISupply RFID technology is a great way to automate your charge capture processes and ensure that your data is accurate and defensible.


Imagine a day without button-clicks, drop-down menus, bar-codes and stickers. How much time and frustration would this save you while documenting items used in a case?  iRISupply accomplishes this by using RFID technology to create hands-free data capture and integrating directly with your EMR.  iRISupply also makes sure the data is more accurate and timely, leading to real ROI for your hospital.

Without any mouse clicks or keyboard entry, iRISupply can:


Hospitals continue to be overrun with the same inventory management challenges that they have faced for decades. Does your department face any of these challenges?

  • Hiding safety stock in desks or drawers
  • Other departments “borrowing” your inventory with no traceability
  • Throwing away too many expired items
  • Frequently running out of the items that you do need for your procedures

If so, iRISupply’s RFID technology is the ideal solution.  Our technology allows you to realize the following operational efficiencies and financial benefits:


Do you spend too much time trying to make sure you have the products you need on the shelf when you need them?  Do you wish you could spend more of your time on patient care instead of administrative tasks? iRISupply has been proven to reduce time spent on manual processes by 30% across your department.

With iRISupply, you can:


iRISupply integrates directly with your hospital’s EMR, materials management, billing and other hospital information systems (HIS).  This allows for the real-time, effortless documentation of your item usage without manual entry.  Mobile Aspects will customize its interfaces to match your hospital’s systems and all data will sit behind your hospital’s firewall to ensure its security.

Selected systems we’ve previously worked with:

  • Cerner Millennium
  • Cerner SurgiNet
  • Eclipsys
  • EPIC
  • Hill-Rom NaviCare
  • Infor / Lawson
  • McKesson PMMS
  • McKesson STAR
  • Meditech
  • Oracle / PeopleSoft
  • Siemens/Cerner INVISION Financials
  • Siemens/Cerner AXIOM Sensis
  • Siemens/CernerSoarian
  • Sun Microsystems eGate