10 Minutes to Dry: The Game-Changing iRIScope Cabinets Elevating Endoscope Safety and Efficiency​

10 Minutes to Dry: The Game-Changing iRIScope Cabinets Elevating Endoscope Safety and Efficiency

The iRIScope Cabinets by Mobile Aspects offer a state-of-the-art solution for storing and maintaining medical scopes and probes, emphasizing safety, efficiency, and technology. Here’s a detailed overview of their features and benefits:

10-Minute Channel Drying Feature

Fast Drying:  The cabinets have a unique 10-minute channel drying feature, significantly faster than competitors, reducing drying time by 75%.

RFID Technology & Built-in Drying: They incorporate RFID technology for minimal human contact, air, and channel drying capabilities to ensure scopes are dried thoroughly.

Meeting Endoscope Storage Guidelines

HEPA Filter & Positive Pressure: These features keep the exterior of endoscopes dry, adhering to storage guidelines.

Vertical Hanging & Scope Separation:  Scopes are stored vertically, allowing moisture to drain off easily, and hooks prevent scopes from touching or bumping into each other.

Built-in Artificial Intelligence and Safety Features

Contamination Prevention: The cabinet alerts users by changing color and locking down if a potentially contaminated scope is detected.

Customizable Alerts & RFID Tracking: Offers intelligent alarms, like email notifications for unreturned scopes, and uses RFID for tracking scope movements without manual input.

Best Security System for Scopes

Restricted Access: Access is limited to designated users, with ID badge access for permitted staff, ensuring scopes are tracked and only removed by authorized personnel.

Best-in-Class Visibility

Transparent Design & Lighting: The cabinets are designed for visibility, with transparent doors and in-cabinet lighting, allowing for easy identification and selection of scopes without opening the cabinet.

Stores All Varieties of Scopes and Probes

Versatile Storage Solutions: They can accommodate almost any type of flexible scope or probe, including extra-long small bowel scopes, with various configurations available for up to 9 scopes or probes.

In summary, iRIScope Cabinets are designed to enhance the safety, efficiency, and accountability of endoscope storage and maintenance. Their advanced features, including rapid drying technology, RFID tracking, AI-driven safety mechanisms, and secure access, set them apart in the healthcare industry, making them an invaluable asset for facilities aiming to improve their endoscope management practices.