Approaches to Drive Innovation

May 18, 2010

Innovation can come through a variety of approaches and strategies.  At Mobile Aspects, we focus on developing solutions organically thorough collaboration with our customers.  It is at the heart of our innovation-driven approach.  That approach has lead to creative solutions for hospital inventory management, tissue tracking, and endoscope tracking.  The solutions were derived through listening to and sharing ideas with our customers on what operational improvements were needed in their surgical procedural areas.  In turn, concepts quickly moved from idea to solution — with all parties closely engaged in product life cycle development to refine and build upon initial solution delivery.

Recently an article about a Mobile Aspects partner, Bayer AG, was released on their approach to drive innovation within their organization.  You can find that article here.  Called ‘Triple-i’, it is a different approach from Mobile Aspects that focuses more on creating a corporate culture within the company that encourages the sharing of ideas.  And just as importantly, a culture where those ideas are listened to and considered for further pursuit and potential commercialization.  An equally effective approach at driving innovation with a common attribute in stressing the importance of innovation to create progress and drive growth.

Fixing the systemic challenges in healthcare delivery can be a daunting task.  However, through a shared spirit of innovation between care providers, vendors, and others in the healthcare delivery system, amazing things are possible.