Are You Prepared? Introducing iRIScope: The Ultimate Endoscope Lifecycle Management Software

In today’s healthcare environment, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards while maintaining patient safety is a top priority. This is especially true for hospitals using endoscopes, where meticulous tracking and reprocessing are essential. Mobile Aspects introduces iRIScope, a comprehensive endoscope lifecycle management software designed to streamline these processes and ensure you are always prepared for regulatory inspections.

Meeting Regulatory Compliance

One of the primary challenges in managing endoscopes is adhering to the stringent requirements set by bodies such as the Joint Commission, State Departments of Health, and other regulatory agencies. iRIScope addresses this by providing:

  • Comprehensive Documentation: Tracks the entire lifecycle of each endoscope from patient use to washing and storage.
  • Real-Time Reports: Generate real-time documentation to satisfy surveyors’ demands, including scope-to-patient logs, reprocessor-to-scope logs, and patient-to-physician logs.

Enhancing Patient Safety

Patient safety is paramount, and iRIScope excels in preventing cross-contamination and ensuring proper reprocessing of scopes. Key features include:

  • Patient Safety Alerts: Immediate alerts when potentially dirty scopes are returned to clean storage, or if key cleaning steps are missed.
  • Hang-Time Alerts: Notifications to ensure unused scopes are rewashed within set timelines, meeting both internal and external standards.

Streamlining Processes

Standardizing and automating endoscope-related processes not only enhances compliance but also increases efficiency:

  • Electronic Documentation: Replace cumbersome paper logs with electronic records, simplifying audits and reporting.
  • Analytics and Reports: Utilize data analytics to identify inefficiencies, track scope utilization, and manage inventory needs effectively.

Real-Time Efficiency

iRIScope provides real-time operational alerts, helping you manage your endoscope fleet efficiently:

  • Operational Alerts: Proactive alerts for missing scopes, hang-time notifications, and other critical operational events.
  • Utilization Reports: Identify underused scopes and optimize your inventory, ensuring you have the right scopes available when needed.

Seamless EMR Integration

Integration with your existing hospital information systems is seamless with iRIScope:

  • Customized Integration: Compatible with systems like Allscripts, Cerner, EPIC, GE, and others.
  • Secure Data Management: All data is securely stored behind your hospital’s firewall, ensuring patient and operational data is protected.


Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from healthcare professionals who have experienced the benefits of iRIScope:

“Using a sophisticated tool like iRIScope helps us keep up with the ever-changing procedures and protocols, ensuring our scopes are reprocessed properly every single time.” – Lisa Newman, Nurse Manager of Endoscopy, Oregon Health & Science University

“The detailed documentation provided by iRIScope impressed the Joint Commission surveyor, confirming our processes are under control and compliant.” – Carolyn Grous, Director of Perioperative Services, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

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