Customers in the News: New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Advancing The Use of Flexible Endoscopes

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Endoscopy – the use of a long, flexible tube with a camera at its tip to peer inside a patient – has been used to help doctors assess and diagnose disorders of the digestive tract.  Now “interventional” advances in endoscopy is making it possible to both view and clear obstructions which can form in the links between the  liver with the intestine and gallbladder, as well as ducts coming from the pancreas.

Interventional endoscopy has gone from a technique we once used only to diagnose and stage disease, to one we can now use to treat patients,” said Michel Kahaleh, M.D., the newly recruited Chief of Advanced Endoscopy at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center.  His team includes Savreet Sarkaria, M.D. and Brian Turner, M.D.

For more details on the increasing importance of these procedures i suggest you check out the article here.