How Mobile Aspects Is Solving Challenges and Solutions in Endoscopy Workflow Management

The life of a gastroenterologist is undoubtedly hectic, and the demand for endoscopic procedures is ever-growing. On a typical day, a gastroenterologist starts with a pair of colonoscopies but faces the challenge of scheduling four times as many procedures. In a scenario familiar to many specialists, the availability of endoscopes becomes a bottleneck, affecting workflow and potentially compromising patient care.

The recent updates in ST91 guidelines add a new layer of complexity to endoscope reprocessing, emphasizing the need for structured processes. The guidelines cover high-risk scope types, discourage manual disinfection, and introduce recommendations for water testing in automated endoscope reprocessors. One significant update focuses on drying endoscope channels for a minimum of 10 minutes, a crucial step in ensuring proper reprocessing.

Mobile Aspects recognizes the challenges posed by ST91 and presents a solution with their IRIScope endoscope management system. This platform goes beyond traditional storage cabinets, incorporating both channel-drying and RFID-tracking technologies. The advantages include a remarkable 10-minute drying time, RFID tags for comprehensive scope tracking, and seamless integration with hospital EMRs.

In the quest for safer patient environments, ST91’s guidelines should not compromise workflow efficiency. Mobile Aspects aims to help hospitals modernize their processes, implementing recommendations like ST91 successfully. The IRIScope platform, supported by innovative software and a responsive customer care team, ensures that healthcare providers can navigate these challenges and optimize their endoscopy workflow.

The 10-Minute Advantage of iRIScope: Revolutionizing Endoscope Management