Maximizing Efficiency and Patient Safety with iRISecure – Specimen

Maximizing Efficiency and Patient Safety with iRISecure – Specimen

In the fast-paced environment of healthcare, every second counts. Efficient tracking and management of specimens can make a significant impact on patient care and operational efficiency. That’s where iRISecure – Specimen comes in, offering a powerful RFID tracking solution for fluid and anatomical specimens.

Enhancing Patient Care

One of the key benefits of iRISecure – Specimen is its ability to accelerate the time it takes to test a specimen and return results. By streamlining the tracking process and improving communication between different departments, this tracking system helps reduce the time to turnaround lab results, ultimately benefiting patient care.

Cost-Effective Solution

Losing or misplacing specimens can have severe consequences for healthcare institutions, both in terms of finances and patient satisfaction. iRISecure – Specimen helps eliminate the need for repeat procedures, reducing costs and bolstering patient satisfaction by ensuring timely delivery of lab results.

Key Benefits of iRISecure – Specimen

  1. Needle-Moving ROI: By improving the coordination and workflow of specimen transport, iRISecure – Specimen enhances efficiency, reduces specimen loss, and minimizes time spent locating lost specimens.

  2. Increased Patient Safety: The system reduces the time spent collecting samples and generating lab results, allowing physicians to make critical decisions more promptly in life-saving situations.

  3. Improved Internal Communication: iRISecure – Specimen enhances communication between different departments, ensuring the seamless flow of information and reducing errors in specimen tracking.

  4. Elimination of Manual Data Entry: With RFID technology, iRISecure – Specimen eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing errors and ensuring accurate and timely documentation.

  5. Robust Analytics: The system integrates with hospital EMRs and other information systems, providing real-time documentation of specimens and enhancing data security.

  6. Seamless EMR and HIS Integration: iRISecure – Specimen integrates with various hospital information systems, allowing for effortless documentation of specimens without manual entry.


iRISecure – Specimen offers a comprehensive solution for RFID tracking of specimens, improving efficiency, patient safety, and overall workflow in healthcare institutions. By leveraging advanced technology, healthcare facilities can enhance patient care and streamline operations, ultimately leading to better outcomes for both patients and providers.