Endoscopes Stolen From Hospital

During a recent weekend shift, over $1 million worth of flexible endoscopes and accessories were stolen from a major hospital in Canada. 3 thieves were suspected of walking out of Toronto Western Hospital with the equipment in broad daylight.

As this article from InsideToronto.com explains:


“According to Toronto police, three men went to the fourth floor and forced their way into a surgical area where approximately $1.2 million worth of equipment was stolen.

“We’re talking about endoscopic surgical equipment and cameras. Like colonoscopes, gastroscopes,” Constable David Hopkinson told Metroland Media Toronto.

“These cameras, any one of them are worth upwards of $40,000.”

Read the entire article here: Thieves take $1M of endoscopic equipment from Toronto Western Hospital

The issue, which has been experienced before by many hospitals in the US, continues to highlight the need for hospitals to increase security on their fleet of endoscopes that are often valued in excess of $1 million. Additionally, the Joint Commission checks to make sure that flexible endoscopes are routinely locked in cabinets during their inspections. With both of these forces requiring them to focus on security, hospitals can use regular roll-top endoscope cabinets, or turn to higher-security solutions such as those from Mobile Aspects. These higher-security options include RFID technology and secure badge access to ensure only the people that should be touching their expensive scopes are able to.