Mobile Aspects customers save $2M annually by eliminating expiration costs

It’s estimated that clients using Mobile Aspects supply management technologies are reducing waste in healthcare delivery by eliminating nearly $2 million annually in inventory expiration costs. In an environment where ongoing cost pressures are forcing care providers to maximize efficiency, these cost reductions are creating significant value.

In the brief video aside, a Mobile Aspects engineer highlights how Mobile Aspects iRISupply technology helps care providers reduce inventory expiration costs.

Three primary features discussed in the video include:

  1. The use of RFID technology to enable item-level tracking of inventory – including expiration date
  2. Secured storage and tracking of expiration dates for items kept within on-hand inventory
  3. Automated notifications and reports to identify inventory items scheduled to expire

A detailed case study of how one hospital was able to reduce its product expiration costs by $250,000 annually is available here.