Enhancing Accountability and Security: The iRISecure Tissue Tracking Solution

In the intricate world of healthcare management, ensuring accountability and security in tissue tracking is paramount. iRISecure presents a state-of-the-art solution designed to streamline documentation processes, enhance security measures, and provide unmatched visibility into tissue inventory. With effortless documentation, best-in-class security features, and unparalleled visibility, iRISecure revolutionizes tissue tracking, offering hospitals a comprehensive system that prioritizes efficiency and patient safety.

Effortless Documentation:

iRISecure Tissue eliminates the need for manual input, streamlining documentation processes with built-in RFID technology. By simply scanning ID badges and patient barcodes, users can effortlessly record tissue transactions, simplifying billing, re-ordering, and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) documentation. The system automatically captures essential details such as lot number, serial number, and expiration date, ensuring accuracy without the need for manual data entry.

The Best Security for Your Tissue:

Security is paramount when it comes to tissue management, and iRISecure Tissue provides the highest level of protection. Access to tissue is restricted to designated users, with permissions managed down to the cabinet level. Staff members can easily access tissue using their existing ID badges, while built-in RFID technology detects any additions or removals of tissue, providing real-time monitoring and accountability. The system requires staff to log tissue removals against specific patients, ensuring traceability and transparency in all transactions.

Best-in-Class Visibility:

iRISecure offers unparalleled visibility into tissue inventory, allowing users to locate required tissue without opening doors. Transparent design and in-cabinet lights enable users to find the tissue they need quickly and efficiently, even in dimly lit environments. The system’s real-time lookup feature allows users to locate items across multiple cabinets or buildings, ensuring efficient inventory management and retrieval.

Stores All Varieties of Tissue:

With iRISecure, storing tissue becomes flexible and customizable. RFID technology allows users to store tissue in any configuration they desire, maximizing storage capacity and minimizing footprint. Adjustable shelving accommodates tissue of any size, offering flexibility to adapt to changing inventory needs. Integrated external locks provide additional security for refrigerators and freezers, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements set forth by organizations like The Joint Commission.

In conclusion, iRISecure sets the standard for tissue tracking solutions, offering unparalleled accountability, security, and visibility. By streamlining documentation processes, enhancing security measures, and providing flexible storage options, iRISecure empowers healthcare institutions to manage tissue inventory with confidence and efficiency. With its innovative features and user-friendly design, iRISecure is poised to revolutionize tissue tracking and ensure the highest standards of patient safety and regulatory compliance.

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