Ensuring Safe Blood Transfusions: The Power of iRISecure – Blood Tracking

In the world of healthcare, ensuring that the right blood reaches the right patient every time is a critical priority. Blood transfusions, while life-saving, carry significant risks if the wrong blood type is delivered. This is where iRISecure – Blood Tracking comes in, revolutionizing blood inventory management with a powerful, user-friendly RFID tracking solution. Let’s explore how iRISecure – Blood Tracking enhances patient safety, improves inventory control, eliminates manual data entry, and integrates seamlessly with existing hospital systems.

Increasing Patient Safety

One of the most significant benefits of iRISecure – Blood Tracking is its ability to increase patient safety. The system ensures that blood use is accurately documented for the correct patient every single time. Key features that contribute to enhanced patient safety include:

  • Real-time, Automated Expiration Reports: These allow healthcare providers to monitor the expiration of blood and its components, ensuring that only viable blood is used.
  • Prevention of Stockouts: Accurate documentation of blood use helps prevent shortages, ensuring that necessary blood types are always available.
  • Real-time Alerts: These alerts ensure that blood remains within safe time limits when removed and returned from storage, reducing the risk of using compromised blood.

Improving Inventory Control

Effective inventory management is crucial in healthcare, especially for blood products that have limited shelf lives. iRISecure – Blood Tracking provides a real-time view of blood inventory across all areas of a hospital or health system, helping to reduce waste and improve management. Features that enhance inventory control include:

  • Complete Inventory Management System: This system notifies healthcare providers when it’s time to reorder blood products, maintaining optimal stock levels.
  • Advanced Analytics: By adjusting inventory levels based on actual usage history, the system helps prevent stockouts and ensures efficient use of resources.
  • Web-based Platform: This platform allows for the instant location of required blood products, streamlining the blood management process.

Eliminating Manual Data Entry

Manual data entry is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. iRISecure – Blood Tracking leverages RFID technology to simplify record-keeping, ensuring compliance with AABB and FDA regulations without the need for barcode scans or keyboard entry. The system:

  • Meets Traceability Requirements: It captures all item-level blood details and associates them with the correct patient, ensuring accurate tracking.
  • Connects with Other Hospital Systems: It records the dispensation of blood directly on the patient’s medical record, integrating seamlessly with existing systems.
  • Reduces Documentation Requirements: By enforcing a standard workflow, the system decreases the burden on healthcare employees while increasing patient safety.

Harnessing Robust Analytics

The data captured by iRISecure – Blood Tracking enables the generation of reports and analytics that drive continuous improvement in blood management processes. Some of the insights provided by the built-in analytics include:

  • Usage Patterns and Stock Level Recommendations: The system measures the frequency of use of blood products and provides recommendations for adjusting stock levels based on actual usage.
  • Automated Alerts for Expiring Blood: Alerts notify healthcare providers about expiring or expired blood, as well as blood that has been out of refrigeration for too long.
  • Tracking Efficiency: The system tracks the average time it takes for blood to move from one checkpoint to another, using automatically collected timestamp data.
  • Employee Accountability: By tracking workflow compliance, the system holds employees accountable, ensuring adherence to proper procedures.

Seamless Integration with EMR and HIS

Integration with existing hospital systems is a critical feature of iRISecure – Blood Tracking. The system integrates directly with hospital EMRs, blood vendor management software, and other hospital information systems (HIS). This seamless integration:

  • Ensures Real-time Documentation: Blood documentation is effortless and real-time, eliminating the need for manual entry.
  • Customization and Security: Mobile Aspects customizes interfaces to match hospital systems, with all data securely stored behind the hospital’s firewall.
  • Compatibility with Leading Systems: iRISecure – Blood Tracking has successfully integrated with systems like Cerner, EPIC, Allscripts, and Meditech, among others.


In summary, iRISecure – Blood Tracking is a transformative solution that enhances patient safety, improves inventory control, eliminates manual data entry, and provides robust analytics for continuous improvement. By integrating seamlessly with existing hospital systems, it ensures the efficient and secure management of blood products, ultimately ensuring that the right blood reaches the right patient every time. If you’re looking to revolutionize your hospital’s blood management process, consider requesting a demo of iRISecure – Blood Tracking today.