Get Ready for The Joint Commission with iRISecure Software

Meet Regulatory Requirements with Ease

iRISecure is a state-of-the-art tissue and implant tracking solution designed to help hospitals meet the stringent and ever-changing regulatory requirements from The Joint Commission, OIG, State Departments of Health, and other regulatory agencies. By implementing iRISecure, hospitals can not only ensure compliance but also realize significant efficiencies in inventory management, ultimately resulting in a positive return on investment.


Key Features of iRISecure Software


Ensure Compliance with Ease

iRISecure provides electronic compliance logs designed for regulatory inspections, simplifying the process for hospitals to demonstrate compliance. It tracks all types of hospital tissue—ambient, refrigerated, and frozen—ensuring that all inventory items are accounted for and stored properly.


Realize Financial Benefits

By addressing common issues such as overstock and underutilization, iRISecure delivers tangible financial benefits. For instance:

  • 20% increase in cash collections: $750,000 at an academic medical center.
  • 30% increase in charge capture accuracy: $5,600 per case at a pediatric hospital.
  • 12% reduction in on-hand inventory: $230,000 savings within 12 months at an academic medical center.
  • $250,000 reduction in annual costs: Related to product expiration at a community hospital.
  • 30% reduction in staff time: Spent on administrative tasks.
  • Increased accuracy in responding to product recalls: At a pediatric hospital.


Enhance Documentation Accuracy

iRISecure significantly improves clinical documentation, ensuring all tissues and implants used in procedures are captured accurately. This leads to better charge capture, reducing the risk of over-billing or under-billing and ensuring hospitals receive appropriate revenue for their services.


Streamline Operations with RFID Technology

iRISecure uses RFID technology to automate data capture, eliminating the need for manual entry. This not only saves time but also enhances data accuracy. The system captures all item-level product tracking, including lot numbers, serial numbers, and expiration dates, and seamlessly sends usage data to EMR, billing, and materials management systems.


Automate and Enhance Inventory Management

iRISecure helps hospitals optimize inventory control by automating various processes. Benefits include:

  • Setting PAR levels for maximum efficiency.
  • Real-time expiration alerts.
  • Optimizing the mix of owned and consigned inventory.
  • Simplified product recalls with real-time search capabilities.


Integrate Effortlessly with Hospital Systems

iRISecure integrates directly with a wide range of hospital systems, including EMR, materials management, billing, and other information systems. This integration ensures real-time, effortless documentation of item usage, enhancing operational efficiency and data security. Systems we have previously integrated with include:

  • Cerner Millennium and SurgiNet
  • Eclipsys
  • EPIC
  • Hill-Rom NaviCare
  • Infor/Lawson
  • McKesson PMMS and STAR
  • Meditech
  • Oracle/PeopleSoft
  • Siemens/Cerner INVISION Financials, AXIOM Sensis, and Soarian
  • Sun Microsystems eGate


Hear from Our Satisfied Clients

“Our recent Joint Commission visit went about as well as we could have expected. Our surveyor even told us that we had an excellent system in place with our iRISecure tissue tracking system.”

  • Tissue Coordinator, Community Hospital in Georgia

“Knowing that we have all the documentation ready for Joint Commission – and that it’s all electronic – makes us feel confident that we’ll make a good showing when the surveyors drop in.”

  • Tissue Coordinator, Children’s Hospital in Massachusetts

“With iRISecure, we can trace the tagged tissue, when it was stocked, when it was checked in and out of inventory, to whom it was checked out to, and track the person removing tissue from the cabinets.”

  • Sandy Rickelmann, Supply Chain Analyst, University of Michigan Hospitals

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