The Power of Collaboration

As the provider of solutions to Hospitals, admittedly, I don’t know much about Hospitals. OK, I am married to a physician (my bona fides: spending Thanksgiving dinner, made by Boston Market, with my wife in the On Call room when she was a Resident when we first married). I also did a lot of research in Magnetic Resonance in college. But I haven’t lived the life of someone who is in the hospital every day. I have seen, but I haven’t lived the pressures that our Operating Room clinicians and staff feel every day. I have heard about, but not witnessed how Joint Commission is a “bulldog” during their audits. I am on the outside looking in when it comes to the changes being wrought every day in the new environment of healthcare delivery.

On the flipside, me and so many at Mobile Aspects, have visited 100’s of hospital customers. We really enjoy our visits to understand the biggest pain points you are having, in hopes that we can help. We walk through OR’s, operating suites, offices, and hallways with our customers every day. Mobile Aspects team members also have deep understanding of technology application and data analysis (and we continue to get better at both). You will often hear me say “I have NOOOO clinical expertise, yet I love and understand data and its power.”

As Mobile Aspects continues to grow and evolve, we are seeing our highest value is coming from combining your clinical expertise with ours. It is an amazing marriage when we sit down with hospitals and review data. In just the past two weeks, I personally did two data reviews with hospital executive teams. First off, considering it is pretty dry data, I am so pleasantly surprised how everyone in the room loves reviewing the data. Most importantly, I love the conversation great data sparks. We have seen operating room teams ask us a key question around physician usage, that when answered, saved that hospital well over $100,000. It was one question, about one physician, and it saved six figures! We then took this learning to other hospitals, and found it saved others even more.

What we are seeing is the combination of hospitals clinical knowledge and experience, with our ability to scour our data, is unleashing value that we didn’t realize was there. Some would call this “Big Data.” Mobile Aspects likes to call this the Power of Collaboration. There is no computer program that could automatically ask and solve the key questions. We are finding it is intimate group settings, where both Mobile Aspects and our Hospitals create an environment that we are on the same team, that we see everyone speaking up and asking great questions. Then in the answer to these questions, we unleash value.

Mobile Aspects is seeing that these conversations is how we can best meet our mission of helping hospitals reach their peak performance. We really appreciate everything you do every day, in treating our mothers, fathers, children, partners and other family members. We hope, through the power of collaboration, we can do our small part to help you reach you mission of high value care and also reach our mission.