Medical Groups Come Out In Support Of The Importance Of Scientific Evidence

Recently, dozens of societies representing different members of the medical community joined together to support the appreciation of scientific evidence, education and investment.  Groups as varied as the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Psychiatric Association and the Association of American Cancer Institutes joined the cause to fight what they feel is an onslaught of political pressure to reduce the emphasis of scientific evidence and education in different parts of the world.

It’s great to see the large number of medical organizations representing clinicians, laboratory researchers, and physician-scientists joining together to help form the March for Science.  According to this article by 24×7 Magazine, the 25 medical organizations stated:

“Science has no political agenda but gives us the tools to find the truths about our world and then implement informed policies to enrich our communities…

Science is vital to our health, as an understanding of human biology is essential to stimulating discoveries that lead to cures for devastating diseases. Every day, physicians make the best patient-care decisions they can by relying on science-based tools. Clinicians prevent disease by administering immunizations, and they manage disease by providing therapies that have been thoroughly and scientifically vetted for optimal outcomes. This science-based care saves lives, decreases human suffering, and reduces unnecessary costs.”

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