Revolutionizing Endoscope Management: A Closer Look at Mobile Aspects’ iRIScope

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, especially for specialists performing endoscopies, managing workflow efficiently is paramount. The recent ST91 guidelines have added a layer of complexity to endoscope reprocessing, emphasizing the need for structured processes and meticulous documentation. In this landscape, Mobile Aspects introduces IRIScope, an endoscope management system that goes beyond conventional storage solutions.

IRIScope is not just a storage cabinet; it’s a comprehensive solution that incorporates both channel-drying and RFID-tracking technologies. One of its standout features is the ability to fully dry scope channels in 10 minutes, a significant advantage over traditional drying cabinets that can take at least 45 minutes. This efficiency ensures that healthcare providers can adhere to the ST91 recommendation without compromising the speed of reprocessing.

The inclusion of RFID tags in IRIScope provides a “round-trip” of data and analysis on scope usage and tracking. From storage to the floor, reprocessing, and back again, this technology offers in-depth reporting that empowers decision-makers to optimize and modernize department procedures. The seamless integration with hospital EMRs enhances real-time location and status monitoring, eliminating outdated tracking and documentation processes.

As healthcare facilities strive to meet the challenges posed by ST91, Mobile Aspects’ IRIScope stands out as a highly engineered platform supported by forward-facing software and a responsive customer care team. This solution not only ensures compliance with guidelines but also opens new avenues for solving longstanding problems in endoscope management.

The 10-Minute Advantage of iRIScope: Revolutionizing Endoscope Management